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AutoZoom is a web-based scoring and predictive underwriting SaaS designed to meet the underwriting and analysis challenges of the buy-here-pay-here industry through its unique ability to build custom-fit scoring models for used-car financing dealerships. Our clients are able to established score benchmarks that enhance their underwriters’ ability to make quick solid credit decisions, reducing the need for upper management to be involved in the process by as much as 90 percent.


AutoZoom incorporates charts, graphs, drill downs, PDF’s, and data exporting features to greatly enhance your understanding of what is actually working in your underwriting efforts. Although


AutoZoom functions independently of dealership software, our company now selectively offers software vendors the ability to integrate, using AutoZoom DMS SoftLink.


AutoZoom Predictive Underwriting enables your company to survive BHPH portfolio risks more effectively. AutoZoom emulates 45-plus years of industry experience, allowing BHPH dealers to consistently match the credit-right risk customer to the best


Using AutoZoom Predictive Underwriting, you will be able to maximize sales and expand product range, all while pushing the limits of risk versus reward.

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