Compliance Unleashed


In May, 2019 we hosted the inaugural Compliance Unleashed conference, bringing together compliance professionals from across the country for two days of collaborative learning.

Compliance Unleashed


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Welcome to COMPLIANCE UNLEASHED, a boutique conference designed to be an immersive learning opportunity for those responsible for ensuring their business complies with the myriad of laws and regulations that apply to the selling and financing of motor vehicles.  

"The idea was to bring compliance personnel together for an immersive learning experience focused on how to be a strong compliance leader" -Steve Levine, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer

Our vision is to liberate attendees from the constraint of everyday business where compliance is often viewed as an inconvenience and minimized in the face of other business priorities.  Our goal is to provide knowledge and insight that will both sharpen your skills and encourage your evolution to be leaders, true business partners and respected teammates.  We hope you leave us with a renewed sense of purpose AND an action plan for impactful success.

"Our classes not only focused on critical subject matter, but they were carefully designed to combine together to provide the audience with a clear action plan to make an impact," -Richard Hudson, Managing Partner

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We design our schedules with lots of networking time so as to allow compliance experts to get to know one another and, for those who are just beginning to step into this exciting world, a chance to connect with knowledgeable industry leaders.  Take advantage of our welcome reception, breaks and meals as an opportunity to build your own peer network to rely on during challenging events.  Lean on our Listserv to simplify future communication.

"To be able to bring over 70 folks together for our first event is validation of our approach," - Richard

The conference boasts interactive discussions, as well as sessions on collections, credit reporting, preventing and defending lawsuits, building a compliance management system, sales and advertising compliance, and others.  There is even a class on how to implement conference lessons learned when attendees return to their respective businesses.

"We hosted this conference to be an agent of change for how compliance is approached.  Our goal is to motivate, educate and empower so that attendees can make an impact on their businesses when they return to work," - Steve


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