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Don't Let Compliance Keep You Up at Night

Ignite Consulting Partners is an expert team of seasoned compliance professionals. We advise finance companies, car dealers and other lenders on compliance, best practices, process improvements and how to leverage technology to drive efficiency and performance.

Compliance challenges can seem daunting.  We get it better than most.  We're in the trenches with you and help reduce risk for our clients.  There's  just so many regulations to follow that sometimes, it can feel like risk is around every corner.  At Ignite, we just ask clients and industry friends to remain calm, gather the facts, and give us a call.  

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Ignite Consulting Partners is proud to announce the release of "The Works".  It is a Safeguards Package designed to help save you time, money, and get the new requirements in place fast!


We have developed a collection of Safeguards policies, procedures, forms, and other documents needed to comply with the amended rule. These resources can help you save weeks of critical time as you try to bring your company into compliance. If you are behind in your project or have not started, it is not too late.

This new package is available now, for download, at a price of $1,399.

Complaint  Management System

A strong complaint management system can greatly reduce your exposure to liabilities and costly litigation.  With our strong background in technology, we can help you build something that works for the size and scope of your organization as well as conduct trend analysis and audits to ensure customer satisfaction is highlighted. 

Compliance Policies

This is more than a policy manual of aspirations to provide a regulator. It’s a comprehensive strategy to follow the law and create a culture of compliance. We will help you build one, guide your employees through implementation, and then conduct follow-up audits to make sure it’s followed.


We provide practical instruction on the subjects that breed risk and answer your team’s most challenging questions. Our training is interactive and confronts the status quo head on.  We'll make sure the regulations you need to know about are explained in detail.

Vendor management

Businesses are responsible for the actions of their vendors and will be held accountable.  We aggressively represent our clients' interests from the point of initial due diligence, so the right vendor is selected, to contract negotiation, so issues are identified and responsibility rests where it should.  We perform follow up audits so you have confidence your vendor is meeting expectations. 

What we do

Compliance can help shield your business from wipe-out threats like regulators and lawsuits. Established compliance practices can also build the value of the business.

But nothing matters if it’s all just for show.

Too many companies believe they are protected when, in fact, they have more exposure than ever.




Because they use generic compliance services that simply check the box with a one-size-fits-all approach. These services provide a false sense of security, with no real protection.


Contrast that with Ignite Consulting Partners. We plan every engagement around the specific needs and structure of your business. We ask hard questions, challenge the status quo, and design custom solutions to keep you in the safe zone.


Our seasoned, cohesive team knows how to make a massive impact, fast. We also understand the inner workings of dealerships and finance companies, including how to overcome obstacles along the way—like securing buy-in from your staff.


Ignite will work side by side with you to fully implement our recommendations. So, you can be confident that you’re building your compliance house on solid ground.


Steve Levine

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Ignite's Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, Steve is a frequent contributor to industry publications providing legal and compliance insight.


Richard Hudson

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A Managing Partner of Ignite, Richard is well known among industry leaders as a guide and mentor on technology implementation, credit reporting and other operational elements.

Randy New Headshot 2021.jpg

Randy Henrick

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Randy Henrick is a 30-year expert in consumer protection laws and auto dealer sales, F&I compliance, and has extensive experience in all aspects of front-end compliance.  


Joe Allen

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Joe brings many years of dealer industry experience, as both an account manager and trainer. Joe speaks "dealer", said Steve Levine, and has always been strong at building relationships.

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